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Our Booking PolicyHi there, thank you so much for inquiring to book time with me. I’d prefer if you text me at 1-416-797-5856 so we can pick the best time for you, & I will open up additional availability to make sure you get the support you need as soon as possible.



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About us

Hailey Patry is the founder of The Lifted Lid… “Life Uncapped”. She is best known for her work as a True Happiness coach, Marriage Mentor and The Happy Business Coach, delivering massive results in just nine hours. As the recipient of countless business impact awards, Hailey is also nicknamed “World’s Happiest Woman”, and awarded as “World’s Best Marriage Mentor”. She is an authority on Happiness, Love and Success. Having spoken for over 1-million audience members and coached over 26,000 students in 136 countries, she is a master speaker and facilitator. She is also an award-winning author with three International-Best-Selling Books. Her fourth book just launched, called HAPPY LOVE. Hailey works with entrepreneurs, families, organizations, institutions and couples. As a happily married mom of three, she is also a seasoned business owner, running companies for over 20 years, such as a traditional business, an International franchise, a Global Corporation, a multi-million-dollar home-based business, and a coaching institute… all while making LOVE and HAPPINESS her two key focuses for her own family and for her clients. She mentors business owners to achieve your full potential, creating a successful LIFE and a successful BUSINESS. Her mission is for you to ‘Love Your Results’ and live your ‘Life Uncapped’. Hailey’s purpose is to help GOOD people, actually live a GOOD life…so you can make life happen FOR you, instead of it happening TO you. She blends heart, humour and uplifting stories with interactive activities to teach you your fastest path to happiness, success and love. Working with Hailey helps you immediately decrease stress, overwhelm, and anxiety, while increasing your results. Clients say her energy is like a “warm hug” and that she is a “breath of fresh air” to work with. You can access her methods though private coaching programs, transformational workshops, her keynotes and her retreats. Hailey’s methods are fresh, innovative and they work…QUICKLY! Overcoming more than 30 years of trauma, has taught Hailey how to bounce back and create happiness, love and success rapidly, no matter what challenges are present. Above all else, she knows intimately well, how to help YOU and your organization thrive against all odds. She has been featured on Cogeco, Rogers, NBC and other media, but you are more likely to see her hiking with her family, working out, cuddling with her kids or on her weekly date night with her husband. For support or to schedule a complimentary session if you do not find an available time slot here, please text Hailey at 416.797.5856 www.TheLiftedLid.com

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4 reviews
  • CaT·

    OMG the first person I have found who truly has walked in my shoes and gets me! She was warm compassionate and understanding. By the time we finished talking, my energy changed so drastically. I was no longer resentful or angry but more compassionate and understanding. a wonderful gifted soul at what she does!!

  • Pascale Roy lafontaine·

    I felt really well listened. I enjoyed the balance of sharing and listening.
    Hailey seems like a truly knowledgable coach, full of compassion. I look forward to more.

  • Meghan Jesson·

    Speaking with Hailey was a great experience. She is compassionate, empathetic, open, a great listener, and she validated my experiences. She also provided some perspective in a way friends and family hadn’t been able to. I look forward to our next session and feel really good about her ability to guide and support me on my journey.

  • Tracey Crowther·

    Hailey was very informative and gave us the tools to learn how to communicate better. She has given us hope for our future together. Her techniques she uses in her session really makes sense to my partner and I. We are going to apply and use her techniques to better improve our relation together. We will definitely use her service in the future and recommend her to our friends and family.

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